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Take Aways from Foundations of Coaching

When I first heard of the Foundations of Coaching course, I was not sure what it would entail or if it was even something I would benefit from. Looking back, I am so glad that I took the opportunity to enroll in the course. What was unexpected is that the course has benefited me beyond my professional life, into my personal life as well. I have gained knowledge and skills that I am applying in both aspects of my life. I look forward to future courses that they offer and the opportunity to practice the skills they have shown me.

As I step back, my biggest takeaways from this course are 1) to ask Powerful and meaningful questions and 2) to be a better listener, and 3) have more confidence in the things I do. I never realized until I took this course that the type of questions you ask people can change how you both look at things, and that asking intentional questions allows you to see things in a different way. Asking a good short “powerful question” can change your view; for me, this has resulted in helping others understand and solve their own problem (rather than me doing it for them). I’ve found that this shift takes the weight off my shoulders and empowers others, by coaching them through things, and not problem solving for them. I have already noticed a change in the way I talk to my own children and have become a better listener and coach by asking questions instead of telling them what to do.

Another big takeaway was the 4C’s model. It’s the phases of coaching that we learn in the program. 4C’s-These have taught me to remember to start at C1 (which is about setting context) and to work my way through to C4 (ending with commitment). Before this course I would have went straight to commitment! Starting with C1 has taught me to remember to ask the other person if they have time to have a conversation, if they are in the right frame of mind and if they have time to even have a coaching session and to set the stage for having open dialogue. Moving through all the steps is the key to successful coaching. Listening to others has given me more confidence in developing other people. The 4C’s are still a work in progress for me, I know I will gain more confidence as I use them in both my personal and professional life.

For me, the small online classes were an amazing way to learn and grow as an individual. I got to know, work and practice with everyone in the class, which helped me gain more knowledge on how others see and do things. The small group was also less intimidating, and I was not afraid to open up with others during practice sessions or be afraid to make mistakes and ask for help when needed. I felt valued and connected to the other participants, and everyone was eager to give great advice and feedback. I am grateful to everyone in my cohort and eager to practice what I learned in both my work and personal life. I am looking forward to taking any future classes to help me build on the foundation I have now for coaching.

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