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Develop the art and science of a growing professional skill set

You are here because you support others for a living.  In helping professions, you don't work with machines, you work with humans - who are messy, imperfect, uncontrollable and unpredictable.

It's challenging when you’re juggling tasks and the people you serve. Sometimes it’s easier to just give answers or tell clients or team members what to do, rather than build their resourcefulness and self-determination. 


But... you know what it’s like when people tell you what to do - there’s no buy-in, decreased trust, and less chance for actual follow-through. 


Perhaps you’ve tried to slow down and help your client problem solve, but sometimes complexity and emotions get in the way. It ends up being more frustrating and energy draining.

Coaching skills are one of the most valuable tools you can have in these situations...

Hi, we are Nic & Janelle

Nic is a certified coach at Invoke Coaching, provides leadership courses & masterminds tailored to non-profit leaders and social entrepreneurs.  Nic has worked in non-profit mainly in program and organizational leadership, has an MA in Leadership and also specializes in team coaching.

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Janelle is a certified coach at Cedar Mountain Coaching.  She comes from a background in non-profit and government project management and consulting. 

Janelle coaches leaders and change-makers who want to make an impact through their work.


Nic Etheridge Calder

Janelle Woo

Coaching Skills

We want to get you started on co-creating conversations, digging in on how you support others in facilitating their own growth, and sustainable change.  

Coaching skills are becoming increasingly prevalent within organizations and for leaders. These skills are important for us to cultivate, especially in helping professions, because of how effective it is in supporting individual awareness, choice, and sustainable change for BOTH the coach and the coachee. 


It’s time to build your skills in noticing and integrating what’s going on for you as much as the client, and in doing so, you’re able to show up the way you want with your clients.  You’ll also learn how to be a part of your client's journey - not the hero of it, to alleviate the pressure for you to fix, and to empower the client to choose their own path and partner with them to get there.

Workshop 1:


Powerful Questions for Helping Professions


When: Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Time: 12-1pm MT


Grow your curiosity, learn structures and explore questions that elicit awareness.

Free Workshops

Want to learn some coaching skills risk-free?  Come join us for a complimentary workshop!

Workshop 2:


Level Up Your Listening


When: Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Time: 12-1pm MT


Go beyond ‘active listening,’ in order to ‘read between the lines’ and connect more skillfully.

Foundations of Coaching Course 

Our course will support you learning the foundations of coaching skills and practices.

When: NEW FALL DATES!  Every Monday and Tuesday starting October 18th, 2021 to November 2nd, 2021 for a total of 6 sessions.

  • October18 and 19

  • October 25 and 26

  • November 1 and 2

Time: 9:00am Mountain Time to 12:30pm Mountain Time (3.5 hours each session for a total 21 hrs)


Where: virtually, via Zoom

Investment:  $1,365 + GST (tax of 5%) = $1,433.25

Early bird extra: if you register before September 30, 2021, you will get 2 x 30 minute mentoring sessions for free (value of: $200).

Canada-Alberta Job Grant: This course is eligible for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant, which will provide up to two thirds (2/3) of the training cost (your investment with the grant would be $455 + GST).  If you are not in Alberta, but still in Canada, your province may have a similar grant.  If you are interested in accessing this grant, please contact us with your interest and we can help you fill out your application.  Please plan for 30 days for your application to process.

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What You Can Look Forward To 

What to expect:  You can expect learning to be accomplished through:

  • Participating in coaching practice and exercises via triads or dyads

  • Participating in coaching demonstrations

  • Pre-session prep work (such as pre-reading or watching videos), and post-session reflection work (approximately 30-60 minutes)

  • Practice coaching between sessions

  • Worksheets

Upon full attendance of the 21 hours, you will receive a certificate of completion.

For more information on policies, such as payment, refund, and attendance policies, please click here.

Note: We are planning subsequent courses to build upon the Foundations of Coaching, to add to the coaching tools, and to lead to certification as an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaches Federation (

Course Objectives


Improve your use of questions, increasing awareness in those you support


Improve your ability to listen through multiple channels


Design how you work with and support others


Approaches to turn challenging conversations into energizing ones


Increase inner resources in yourself and those you support


Nurture commitment and accountability

This is for you if...

You love working with people in conversation & relationship

You've met and worked with amazing people, and love supporting them reach their dreams and goals.  You enjoy conversations and believe that there is power in doing things together.

You believe in personal growth for both you and those you work with

Coaching conversations create a lot of space for  self reflection and awareness.  It is often through this awareness that we're able to choose a new path and grow in a conscious way.

You're looking to slow down and create space for reflection and being

​Coaching can balance a culture focused on doing and reacting, by pausing to make time to be curious, reflect on what can be done, and how we want to show up.

You may have skills to be a natural coach and want to develop & expand

This may come naturally to you. Others may say that you ask good questions, have a presence, create space for reflection. And, you also want to refine and deepen your skills.

What People Say About the Foundations for Coaching Course

POWERFUL! If everybody took this class, what a wonderful world it would be; kinder, gentler, equal and more respectful.

- Karen

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